What Do You Think Will Happen To A Bus Driver In Lagos Who Says He Will Support Obi – Dele Farotimi

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The spokesperson for the Peter Obi and Daati presidential campaign council, Dele Farotimi has lamented over the likely threats towards those supporting the labour party where he opined that those driving buses in Lagos are afraid to voice out that they are supporting the Peter Obi’s presidency.

The lawyer who expressed worry over the build up of the presidential election further opined that one of the reasons why there are undecided voters in places like Lagos is because of the fear of what those against them may do.

Farotimi who made the revelation while speaking on channels television stressed that the labour party has been victims to this level of fear in Lagos, due to the party in power, and that one should inquiry what then will happen to the buses of these respective drivers if they openly state their intentions to vote the former Anambra governor, Peter Obi.

He said… “Why do you think we have so many undecided voters who can’t tell you who they are they going to vote for, they are afraid, especially in places like Lagos, they are scared. You want a bus driver in Lagos to tell you he is going to vote for Peter Obi, what do you think will happen to his bus, so that is the situation, he is not going to tell you”

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