What I Would Do To Simon Ekpa Within 24 Hours If I Were The President – Alex Ogbonnia

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Alex Ogbonnia, the spokesman for Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has responded forcefully to recent threats made by Simon Ekpa, who warned that police officers and soldiers seen in uniform in the southeast would be killed. In an interview reported by Punch, Ogbonnia called for swift and decisive action against Ekpa, underscoring the gravity of the threat.

Ogbonnia emphasized that if he were the president of Nigeria, he would ensure that such a threat was addressed within 24 hours. “If I were the president of Nigeria, for example, and he (Ekpa) is threatening my country, within 24 hours, he is gone. So, I think the government has not felt strongly about the threat from him. The moment they feel strongly about it, they know what to do,” he stated.

He pointed out that as an elder, it is not his role to pursue individuals like Ekpa, bandits, or Boko Haram terrorists. Instead, he argued that it is the government’s duty to effectively manage and neutralize such threats to national security.

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