What Kidnappers Told Me When I Asked Them For Water – Victim

Sunday Elisha, a resident of Bwara Area Council, shares the chilling details of his kidnapping ordeal. Recounting the first day, he describes being beaten until his body swelled and he started bleeding. When he requested water, the kidnappers callously warned him that providing water would lead to his demise.

In a video posted by AIT, the victim reveals that amid the torment, he prayed for forgiveness for his captors, emphasizing their ignorance of the consequences of their actions.

According to him, “The first day they kidnapped me, they looked for a cane, and they started beating me, and they broke my nose. They beat me until they got tired; all my body was swollen, and I was bleeding. They said I should stand up; I said I couldn’t because I was bleeding. As I was lying down, I prayed to my God, saying, God forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing, and then I slept off. When I woke up, I asked them for water, and they told me that if they give me water, I will die.”

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