What May Happen In SE And SW If Peter Obi Becomes Nigeria’s President – Okupe

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During an interview with Channels Television, Former presidential spokesperson, Doyin Okupe, shared his analysis on the potential implications of Peter Obi becoming president. According to Okupe, an Obi presidency would unite the Southeast region but simultaneously alienate the Southwest.

Okupe also highlighted the importance of considering other regional blocks, such as the South-South, which may feel left out if they don’t have a representative on the presidential ticket.

According to him, “The best thing that can happen to Obi is for him to be the presidential candidate of PDP, alright and then, maybe he picks his VP from the North. That is the best quintessentially, most enormous thing that can happen.

That does not guarantee victory becauee there are other considerations. You know, you look at blocks in the country. Once Obi becomes a president, that galvanizes the Southeast 100%, alright but antagonizes the southwest 100%.

So the south-south, what is their own in the ticket? Who offers the best for them because they are neither going to be presidential candidate or vice presidential candidate. So the issue of what happens to them comes into play.”

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