What Peter Obi Is Doing To Northerners Is That He’s Harnessing Our Anger To Power Change – Ibrahim Abdul Kareem

ICT strategist and former supporter of President Buhari, Ibrahim Abdul Kareem appeared in an interview on Arise Tv today where he spoke on Labour Party’s Peter Obi campaign strategy in the North and his winning chances. Mr Ibrahim Abdul Kareem was President Buhari supporter back in 2015 and ahead of the 2023 election, he has jumped ships to the Labour Party. And according to him, that was due to the fact that President Buhari’s government failed to deliver on their campaign promises.

Well, on Arise Tv today he was asked about Labour Party’s campaign in the North and how they plan to get votes since he himself is from Sokoto state. Responding to the question, he said that the “OBIdients movement” is all about cultivating the anger of the people from around the country, and use it to fuel a new charge for a better Nigeria. In his own words as seen on Arise Tv today…

“Everybody is angry, the product is not just knowing Peter Obi, it’s a movement. It’s a movement of people that are not comfortable with the system. What Peter Obi is just doing to us is that he is harnessing and cultivating all the anger and using it to power a new change. If you are in Sokoto, what makes you angry there is different from what makes another person angry in the South East. For example, Bandits are rampaging houses in Sokoto and hurting people and there are problems in another part of the country. It’s not a good record for APC.”



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