What To Do If You Are Married To A Woman That Stays Late Outside Because Of Politicis – Dr. Augustine Oviosun

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A Nigerian lecturer, Dr. Augustine Oviosun, has advised men to carry out DNA tests on their children if they are married to female politicians who stay out late.

Explaining further, Oviosun claimed he gave the advice because he met a married woman with a politician in a hotel in Benin City at 12 midnight. 

“This is a little explanation. 1. Not all women in politics are responsible, this is true,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday. 

The reason why my post clearly states the category of women I am talking about.

I clearly stated “ANY lady” who will spend late nights into the deadly hours of the night because of politics” and any man married to such a lady should simply do DNA. No offense intended.

2. I met a married woman by 12am with a big Belle politician in a hotel in Benin city. The husband will be at home that time.

3. We have some very decent women who should be encouraged to get involved in politics, but a handful of them are spoiling the good ones.

4. I respect all hard working ladies and will continue to support them.

5. Lastly my brother if you are married to any woman that spend late nights with political leaders; Go and do DNA.

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