What Will Happen If My Men Aren’t Happy – Army Chief

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During a press briefing on Saturday at a special volleyball match held in honor of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan, who are presently on a private visit to Nigeria at the invitation of the Chief of Defence Staff.

Gen. Christopher Musa emphasized that the well-being and morale of his troops are his top priorities in fulfilling his duties as the Defence chief.

He mentioned that the intention behind inviting Prince Harry to Nigeria was to honor wounded soldiers and veterans who have demonstrated courage and dedication in their service to the nation.

Musa highlighted that this event serves as a chance not just to show appreciation for these individuals but also to showcase global acknowledgment of their sacrifices.

He said, “These guys have given everything they have just to make sure that Nigeria remains one. These individuals have families and people that depend on them but we will never allow the situation they are in, to keep them out.

“That is why, for me particularly, it is very important for the morale of my men. For me, I cannot function if my men are not happy and I will do whatever it takes for me to make sure that they are happy.

“That is why we are acknowledging what they have done and we are commending them and we appreciate the sacrifices they are making.”

He assured everyone that the Nigerian armed forces remained dedicated to investing in the Invictus Games, which began in 2014.

However, he expressed curiosity about Nigeria’s delay in participating in the games, promising that the Nigerian team would make significant efforts to enhance the capacity of personnel to consistently bring honor to Nigeria.

He also uplifted the spirits of the injured soldiers and veterans who took part in the exhibition match.

It is recalled that upon their arrival on Friday, the visitors held a closed-door meeting with the Chief of Defence Staff after visiting a school in Wuse, Abuja.

Later, they proceeded to the 44 Army Reference Hospital in Kaduna, where they interacted with wounded soldiers undergoing treatment.

In Kaduna, they also met with Governor Uba Sani and other top government officials.

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