What Will Happen If You Withdraw The Military From The South East – Eugene Odo

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In an interview with Arise News, former Speaker of the Enugu House of Assembly, Eugene Odo, expressed his support for the military’s presence in the South East region, citing the need for enhanced security in the face of rising insecurity.

Odo’s comments come on the heels of the military’s confirmation of the killing of five soldiers in Abia, highlighting the escalating violence in the region. While some have called for the withdrawal of military forces, Odo warned that such a move would lead to “utter anarchy” in the South East.

Instead, he suggested that the military should strategize their presence, focusing on key locations such as roads, to ensure effective security coverage. Odo also echoed calls for increased police and army presence in the region to address the growing security concerns.

In his words;

“You can imagine people losing five military men. People who were assigned to protect you. I can assure you that if you withdraw the military in the South East, it’ll utterly be a state of anarchy”

“There’s nothing wrong with the military being all over the place but I think that what we should be looking at is that the military are mainly located along the roads, which would expect them to strategize themselves”

“The presence of the military in our respective roads, I think it’s quite necessary. People are even advocating that there’s not enough presence of the Police and even the Army in the South East”


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