When I Was Governor, Wike Said I Wasn’t Following Guidelines And People Were Sent From Abuja To Investigate – Peter Obi

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi had a youth dialogue with some of the Lagos State youths and in that meeting, various topics were discussed. One of the key topics discussed was education and Peter Obi took time out to explain how he turned around the Anambra state education sector during his time as governor.

Mr. Obi also told a story of how he worked to ensure that the monetary budget for education goes directly to the schools from UBEC. According to Obi, when he abolished the processes that prevented money from going directly to schools from UBEC, a petition got to the president during the time that Gov. Wike was the minister of education stating that he (Peter Obi) no longer follows the financial service guidelines and people were sent from Abuja to supervise the process. In his own words for better understanding.

“So we have the money directly to schools and the nonperformance reduced. In fact in one of the videos being circulated now you see when Governor Wike then the Minister of Education said that I was not going through the financial guidelines. The financial guideline is that money will go through these ‘tollgates’ before getting to the school. But my process was that it will go directly to the school. So they said I wasn’t going through the financial and service guidelines and they sent people from Abuja to come and investigate. They came to supervise our process and when they saw what we were able to do, they found out that all the other guidelines needed to go. Because it was unnecessary.”

“If money is here and the school is here, let the money go directly to schools and not through all these transits.”


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