When We Look At Asiwaju On Campaign Ground Now, We Are Looking For Next Trending Video – Mairo-Ese

During the Morning Show program, Ayo Mairo-Ese, a Nigerian journalist and Arise News presenter, said that when they look at APC presidential flag bearer at the campaign ground now, they are looking for the next trending video on social media.

Ayo Mairo-Ese made the statement while reacting to the APC presidential campaign rally that was held in Minna yesterday.

Recall that APC held their campaign rally yesterday where there was a massive turnout as the APC supporters in the state came in their thousands to the rally. A mammoth crowd graced the occasion and was evidently seen in the circulated videos on all social media.

However, on the Morning Show program, a clip video of the APC Minna rally was played where Tinubu started with Muslim prayer and ended with Christian prayer and she reacted.

Mairo-Ese reacted and said

“Tinubu keeps giving us..now at every campaign ground, we are not looking at him discussing, we are looking for the next social media trending video. You can make the argument for him that people can make mistakes and that he is a human being and he can make errors, but this an error becoming too many. For argument’s sake, we can say he’s trying to show that he is very balanced religiously and he can pray both in Muslim and Christian ways. “


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