Why Anambra Elites Are Still Unhappy With Me – Peter Obi

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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, spoke at a recent town hall meeting hosted by the Coalition of Nigerian Canadian Interest Groups (CONCIG) on Saturday about why he believes Anambra State’s elites have a grudge against him and why they opposed him during his campaign.

He made this statement in a video published on the official account of the Peter Obi Grassroots Mobilization Movement.

According to Obi, the cause for their discontent was because of his failure to share public funds with them during his time as governor. Obi asserted that he valued the welfare of the State and invested in programs that benefited the masses over the elites’ need for public funds. He believes that this decision made him unpopular in the elite circle.

Obi Said and I quote;

“When I became Governor, influenced by Professor A. B. Nwosu, he asked me to go and see different people. I said I wouldn’t see them because I was contesting for the Governor of Anambra state and I wasn’t from Anambra state. People were not happy with me when I became the governor, even the elites of Anambra till today are not happy with me. I knew because I told them I didn’t promise people happiness; I promised to fix school, I promised to fix health. The only thing that would have made them happy is to give them public money which I am not ready to give anybody.”

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