‘Why Arresting 3 Kidnappers, But Reveal Only Igbo Suspect’s Identity?’ – X User

How can you arrest 3 kidnappers, withhold the name of two, then publish the name and address of one because you claim he’s Igbo?

Brother Benard, an X user, has criticized the Nigerian media for allegedly prioritizing tribal affiliations over accurate reporting in the recent coverage of a kidnapping incident.

In a tweet, he expressed amusement at the media’s purported haste to publish a false Igbo name while concealing the real identities of the kidnappers.

Benard suggested that this approach contributes to the persistence of banditry in Nigeria, as it exacerbates tribal tensions.

He further admonished the media for selectively disclosing the name and address of one of the apprehended individuals based on their Igbo heritage.


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