Why Deborah Is Trending A Few Months After He Was Lynched To Death By Islamic Extremist In Sokoto

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Deborah Samuel who was lynched and subsequently burnt to death by some Islamic Extremist after he was alleged to have blasphemed the prophet, Muhammad, SAW, through a WhatsApp message that she posted on her class group chat, is trending again a few months after the incident

However, the reason she is trending cannot be farfetched after the statement (post) by Aminu when she was killed by the angry mob in Sokoto was revisited

It is No longer news that the SSS recently apprehended Aminu Mohammed in Bauchi after he was alleged to have made a derogatory remark about first lady Aisha Buhari.

However, Since his arrest, there have been mixed reactions as many people have tagged his arrest as unjust and yearned for his release

However, things are beginning to take a new turn after the post made by Aminu when Deborah was lynched in Sokoto was revisited

Aminu had posted In his native Hausa language that ” Duk Wanda yasa wanna rigor ah Bauchi sai munchi uwarsa

The interpretation of what he wrote is “We will deal with anyone who wears this shirt in Bauchi “

His post is however generating reactions

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