Why Gov. Wike And Other Governors Have Not Dumped PDP – Party Chieftain, Obaseki Pedro

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A prominent politician in Edo State and a chieftain of the PDP’s PCC, Pedro Obaseki, has revealed some details regarding the conflict within the party as next year’s election draws nearer. Speaking on VOP, Obaseki explained why Gov. Wike and his allies could have decided to remain in the PDP.

Addressing the topic, Obaseki said, “The PDP has always been a democratic party.” Someone described the five aggrieved governors as “rogue governors,” and another person has called for their expulsion over anti-party activities.

However, these do not align with the modus operandi of my principal. Atiku believes that there must be continuous engagement with the aggrieved governors until the last day.

He continued, “PDP leader Bode George said that 24 hours in politics are like a lifetime.”

There is time, and the election is still next year. Serious moves are ongoing regarding the conflict, and the rebel groups have not discounted it.

If the aggrieved governors were so dissatisfied and they did not see the future within the PDP, I think they would have dumped the party.

They have not done so because the room has room for accommodations. They understand the enormity of their quest and the damage they are doing to the PDP brand. I think they will come back home before the election.

You can watch the interview here. (12:00 minute)

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