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Many record labels will make you famous and broke,’ says Tekno, explaining why he couldn’t renew his deal. ‘I had a deal with Made Men Music Group, Island, and Universal Music. They were making things easier, but at the same time, they were collecting their cut. I had huge songs, but I only got a quarter of the earnings. If it were now, I could negotiate better, but I didn’t know how to back then. I’m richer now and less famous, but back then, I was everywhere but had nothing.’

Tekno’s message to young artists is, ‘If you can do it alone, do it, but know it’s difficult. If you must sign deals, negotiate them well. Get entertainment lawyers to guide you.’

Imagine having huge songs like Tekno did and making the least out of it. In this generation, if you make such mistakes, you don’t read.

Currently, Tekno makes 709 million yearly from YouTube and crazy money from streaming apps too. Guess he’s living his best life still.

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