Why I No Longer Like Women Anymore – Charly Boy

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Nigerian veteran singer and social activist, Charly Boy, has revealed that he no longer likes women like before because he has erectile dysfunction.

In an interview with Nigerian radio host, Nedu Ani, Charly Boy stated that he used to like women with physique and that was why he married his wife, Diane Oputa.

However, he disclosed that he has been battling with erectile dysfunction, which has affected his sexual life and made him lose interest in women.

Charly Boy also talked about his past, revealing that he used to scam banks and collect their money when he was still growing up, adding that he did many bad things during such period.

He further disclosed that being Charly Boy’s children wasn’t easy for his kids growing up, as people thought he was crazy and used to tease them in school. Charly Boy has been an advocate for the LGBT+ community and his last daughter is a lesbian.

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