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Peter Obi, Former Governor and Businessman, Receives Letters from Queen & UK Prime Minister for £5m Annual Business Turnover

In a recent revelation, former Work Party 2023 official applicant, Peter Obi, shares insights about his business in the United Kingdom, where he receives letters from both the Queen and the Prime Minister acknowledging his business’s £5 million annual turnover.

The video, shared on social media by former Work Party representative Kenneth Okonkwo, captures Peter Obi addressing economic revitalization at an event.

During his talk, Peter Obi reveals the impact of corruption on entrepreneurship. He asserted that for a nation to thrive, government officials must prioritize supporting businesses over personal interests.

He contrasts his experience in the UK, where the government actively engages with successful businesses, with his Nigerian ventures, where local government executives rarely show such involvement.

Talking further, the previous lead representative uncovered that;

“I laid out a private venture in the UK, consistently I get a letter from the Sovereign and Top state leader on the grounds that my business is turning over £5m yearly. In all my businessess in Nigeria, I have not gotten a letter from my nearby government executive, he doesn’t come. At the point when I was a lead representative I demanded that I should come and visit you assuming that you are building a production line, you shouldn’t come and see the Lead representative. What’s more, anyone who constructs a manufacturing plant, I should give you cash to fabricate the street.”

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