Why Igbos Are Regarded As The Oldest Tribe In Nigeria

Igbo as one of the largest tribe in Nigeria has so many historical records.

The tribe which located in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, has been existing in the country so many years in the past before the country came together as one.

Severally, most Nigerians had always been in so competitive arguement over which tribe are the most popular, educated, wealthiest, etc in Nigeria.

However, I’m to basically to buttress about the oldest tribe in the Nigeria, which has to be the Igbo tribe according to Wikipedia.

The Igbo tribe has been existing in Nigeria for thousand years before the coming of the colonial master to cojoin different tribes in as one nation, Nigeria.

The reason why the Igbo tribe was regarded as the oldest tribe in Nigeria as aforementioned above was according to Emeka Umeagbalasi 2017, who stated that the Igbos has being existing in Nigeria since 1450BC when Eri was migrated and settled in Nigeria across the River Niger or (around 3, 500 years ago).

To show more evidence about the Igbo being the oldest tribe in Nigeria, Wikipedia also reveals some, ” evidence of Late Stone Age (late Paleolithic) human presence from at least 10, 000 years ago. “

Which means that the Igboland has being early settled dated to 6000 BC based on pottery found in the Okigwe, which known today as Awka in Anambra state.

In 1978, another unclear evidence also discovered from University of Nigeria led by Thurstan Shaw team, excavated a rock quarry at Nsukka, found that it was a mine for tool and pottery making for a ‘ stone civilisation’ nearby at Ibagwa.

The researchers believe that it may either be an Nsukka metal cultural area from 3000 BC, and later settlements attributed to Ngwa culture at AD 8- 18.


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