‘Why I’ll Forever Be Grateful To Tekno’ – Davido

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“I will forever be grateful to Tekno. He brought me back on the top. My hit song, ‘IF,’ was entirely written by him” Davido

I didn’t have a hit song for over a year. Then one day, Tekno called me and said, “Davido, I have a hit song for you ooo.’ I didn’t take him seriously and was busy enjoying myself in a club.

One day he called, then came to the club and dragged me to his house just for me to go and record that song. There is a Tekno version of ‘IF,’ but he decided to allow me to take the song, and that is how I came back with a hit song.

I’ve never seen anybody want me to do a song like Tekno. Till today, I still call him to thank him for what he did for me back then. He’s my brother” — Davido showers praises on Tekno for writing his hit song ’IF.’

Tekno had the song already recorded but still called Davido to sing it with his own voice.

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