Why Left Hand Is Considered Evil To Use

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In life, there are some things we (human) practices on our daily bases we don’ t really know the meaning or how it all started.

Back in the days, as a young boy then, I was very curious about things that happens with me with a clear meaning. Some certain things we do in life has no general meaning and I always questioned for explanation, to know why people do such.

You may be wondering why people are regarding left hand as evil in our daily life living. It is always somehow whenever I see a child born left handed is being punished from his parents for using his/her left hand to do things, while the ones that are born using right hand are being left as a good child.

However, why is Left considers so Evil? . This is question I always ask my self and elders around to know the reason for that. But I had never gotten a satisfied answer from anyone.

According to Merriam Webster which explained that left are considered evil for the fact that ” the association of the directional left with evil is likely attributed to the dominance of right- handed people within a population, and consequently the awkwardness of motions made from the left side of the body. “

It further backed it’ s explaination with a cleared example which stated that ” the Ancient Celts, worshipped the left side, associating it with femininity and the fertile womb. But beginning with the appearance of Eve on Adam’s left side in accounts of Genesis, the Christian tradition finds instances of the left side being pinned to immorality. “

Followings the above explanation from Webster, it could be very much understandable that the left hand has no evil behind, but it was due to majority concept that makes people enforcing the younger ones that was born left handed to get used to the right hand as the general accepted in the society.

Is it necessary to punish a left handed child to start using right hand?

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