Why Many American Presidents Use George Washington’s Inaugural Bible

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George Washington’s Inaugural Bible was the most popular bible used by many succeeded Americans presidents during inaugurations as president. Though, some uses their personal or family Bible.

The Bible (George Washington’ s Inaugural Bible) which was used by the first American president, George Washington, was since then named after him as ” George Washington’ s Inaugural Bible” .

According to Wikipedia; ” The Bible is the King James Version, dated 1767, complete with the Apocrypha and elaborately supplemented with the historical, astronomical and legal data of that period. St. John’ s Lodge No. 1, Ancient York Masons. “

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However, the Bible was borrowed from the altar at St. John during the inauguration ceremony of the president, George Washington.

According to America history, Bible was forgotten at the place of inaugural ceremony of Washington’ s as president at Federal Hall in New York, after everything had already prepared, someone realized that no one had brought a Holy Bible for Washington to swear on.

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According to Stacy Conradt stated that ” Jacob Morton, a Mason and the Master of nearby St. John’ s Lodge, volunteered to run and grab the Bible from the altar at St. John’ s. With no other options readily available, Chancellor of New York Robert Livingston gladly took him up on it” .

Later after the inauguration ceremony, the Bible was returned back to St. John’ s Lodge and Ever since then the Bible has often display the George Washington Inaugural Bible at Federal Hall, which has been used by many American past president.

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But George W. Bush who hoped to use the at his inauguration in 2001, failed due to raining at the time of his inauguration ceremony and no one wanted to risk damaging such a precious artifact.T

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