“Why Men Don’t Date Single Mothers” – Joselyn Dumas

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Ghanaian television host and actress, Joselyn Dumas, has candidly addressed the challenges single mothers encounter while trying to find love again.

Joselyn Dumas recently discussed a personal experience with a friend who was hesitant to date a woman who had a kid in a conversation on her YouTube channel.

He had reservations about adopting a child who wasn’t his biological offspring and taking on parenting duties.

Dumas noted that this way of thinking makes it harder for single moms to find love partners since they frequently run against prejudice because of their parenting status.

In her words;

“We have our kids as single mothers but we still want to be happy. We still want to date other people.
Let me tell you why we don’t go out and marry. I spoke to a friend of mine here, Anthony. He said, ‘Me, I will never be with a born one’.
His reason was, ‘Why would I come and raise somebody else’s child? That’s not my bloodline. He doesn’t have any trace of my DNA in him. Why am I going to now help someone’s bloodline grow? What about mine?’
And I said to myself that this is the reason why a lot of single mothers are single with their children,” he said.

She also implied that raising a kid who is not biological should not be seen differently and questioned the differing views on adoption.

“I asked him, ‘What about adoption?’ And he said that’s different. But if you ask me, it’s not that different,” she said.

The actress emphasised that rather than wanting to live a solitary life, single women frequently raise their children alone out of duty and necessity.

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