Why Northern Nigeria Has No Reason To Be Poor – Peter Obi

Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, alongside his running mate, Baba-Ahmed Datti, made headlines by announcing a scholarship for Auwalu Salisu, a Kano native, who gained national acclaim for his honesty.

Salisu, a 22-year-old tricycle rider, returned a whopping N15 million to a passenger who forgot the money in his vehicle. This commendable act, reported by Daily Trust in September last year, caught the attention of the public and political figures alike.

In response to Salisu’s integrity, Obi emphasized the potential of the Northern region, stating, “The North has no reason to be poor in Nigeria.” He highlighted the agricultural prowess of the North, underscoring that Nigeria’s northern states possess abundant resources and land suitable for agricultural activities.

Obi lamented the underutilization of these resources, pointing out the stark contrast with countries like Ukraine, currently embroiled in war, yet still exporting grain to Nigeria. He emphasized the vast potential for agricultural development in states like Borno and Taraba, whose landmass dwarfs that of countries like Belgium, yet remain underutilized.

The gesture by Obi and Datti underscores the recognition of Salisu’s honesty as a symbol of hope and integrity. Beyond a mere act of reward, it reflects a broader discussion on the untapped potential of Nigeria’s agricultural sector, particularly in the Northern region, and the need for strategic utilization of resources to foster economic growth and development.

He said: “The North has no reason to be poor in Nigeria. We make more money from agriculture than oil. Imagine Ukraine is giving Nigeria grain, a country that is in war. We have land and everything more than them. But they are giving us grain because 60 per cent of their land is cultivated and 60 per cent of our own is uncultivated.

“The two biggest states in the North East: Borno and Taraba have 70,000 and 55,000 square kilometers which is four times the size of Belgium but Belgium is exporting what we don’t even export a quarter of”


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