Why Peter Obi’s Running Mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed Was Teary And Walked Out Of The Town Hall Temporarily

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Some moments ago, Peter Obi and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, began the presidential town hall meeting organized by channels television. About fourteen minutes into the event, Peter Obi’s running mate was asked on how he’s been handling utterances made by critics. While responding to the question, he became teary and temporarily left the scene of the meeting.

Before leaving the scene, he said, “about thirty five years ago, my father of blessed memory passed away. It has never happened anywhere that my father will be insulted by any human being but because I came to save Nigeria, it is happening.” He tearily added, “they insulted him. They are going extreme and it must stop. I and my family members are paying heavily since I came into the presidential contest.” This explains why he walked out of the hall for few minutes.

Speaking further, Datti Baba-Ahmed said, “if it were only me I would have been happy but they’re insulting my late father. If it is done once again, I will respond thrice.”

The anchor of the program, Mr. Seun, told him he understands how emotional it can be but advised that he should learn to take absolute control of the situation.

To watch the moment he walked out, CLICK HERE (fast forward from 14th minute to 16th minute).


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