Why The Northern Region Wanted To Break Away From Nigeria In 1954

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There is not much mystery around the history of secession in Nigeria. Nigeria intended to achieve its independence by the year 1954; however, the northern region of the country opposed the independence movement and threatened to break away from Nigeria if the independence movement was successful. The northern region was concerned about the educational and technological advancements made by the south in comparison to the northern region. This publication can be found on Premiumtimes and sunnewsonline

A group that decides to depart from any bigger body, particularly a political entity, but also any organization, union, or military alliance, is said to have seceded from that larger entity. An attempt at secession can be either violent or peaceful, but the final goal is always the same: the formation of a new state or organization that is independent of the group or region from which it seceded.

The Sardauna of Sokoto, head of the Northern Peoples’ Congress, coined the phrase “the mistake of 1914” to describe the unification of Nigeria’s regions. In the early 1950s, when he felt that Southern politicians were unable to comprehend the attitudes of the Northern elite towards independence, he raised the secessionist banner.

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