Why They Called Me A Killer – Nyesom Wike

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In a blunt interview on TVC TV, The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike argues that being an “elder statesman” should not be defined by age or previous positions held, but by integrity. He highlights an incident in the last election, where he was accused of supporting a candidate who would not live long and who would be a waste of time to support.

He defends his actions by saying that he was merely trying to encourage support for a better candidate. 

He said, “What makes them Elder Statesman? Is it because you are 70 years old? Is it because you have held a seat or a position before? You can be a governor without integrity, I have no business with you. Take for example what happened in our last election, they called me a killer because I forced them to support a man who will not live long. A man whose life is showing that there’s no way wasting their time supporting him. I was trying to force them to support a better candidate.”


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