Why Tinubu Should Not Be Using ‘Senator’ As Title – Babangida Ibrahim

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In an interview, A member of the House of Representatives, who represents the Malumfashi/Kafur Federal Constituency in Katsina State, Babangida Ibrahim has said that the presidential candidate of APC, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu shouldn’t include Senator in his name because he was just a senator for 3 months. He lament that Kwankwaso should be one using Senator in his name because he has served in several positions.

Asiwaju was just a three-month senator. That title, ‘senator’, under normal circumstances, he should not be using it, but because the law allows him; because he was sworn in as a senator. He was just a senator for three months. But He (Kwankwaso) is a former member of the House of Representative, He was a minister (of defence). He was a senator (in the 8th National Assembly), he should be one using that Title ‘Senator’ and not the other candidate.

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