Why Yar’dua Came Out Tell Nigerians About The Cabal – Faith Nwadishi

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Faith Nwadishi, a former Director at the Centre for Transparency Advocacy, has urged Nigerians to demand answers about the role of a powerful cabal in the country’s oil industry, which she believes is responsible for the persistent fuel scarcity.

In an interview with Arise News, Nwadishi recalled how late President Yar’dua had expressed frustration over the same issue, and how the cabal’s influence has continued to hinder Nigeria’s ability to access fuel, despite abundant resources.

She emphasized that until the cabal is unmasked and held accountable, the fuel scarcity will persist, and Nigerians will continue to suffer.

In her words;

“You remember when Late President, Yar’dua was in office, he was so frustrated that he came out to tell Nigerians about the Cabal. Until we unmask that Cabal within this sector, until we answer the questions around what role is this cabal playing in our oil industry and making it impossible for Nigeria to get fuel, even when they go to filling stations”


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