Wife Of Nigeria First President, Prof Uche Azikiwe Tells Nigerians What To Do If They Won’t Vote Peter Obi

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Professor Uche Azikiwe, the wife of the first President of Nigeria and former Premier of the Eastern Region, late Nnamdi Azikiwe, has revealed that Nigerians in diaspora should vote for a presidential candidate who has integrity, capability and most importantly, stamina to lead Nigeria.

Azikiwe, made this known in an interview with The PUNCH on Thursday. According to Uche Azikiwe, she advised Nigerians to vote for the candidate who they think can put an end to insecurity and poverty.

Additional, she disclosed that she feels most on social media are screaming and vouching for Peter Obi because they feel he is in the right state to put an end to all these.

However, she advised that not only Peter Obi can save Nigeria and turn things around, stressing that there are still several candidates who are also ready to serve Nigeria.

She said, “Nigerians should look out for someone who has the integrity and capability and stamina to lead Nigeria. And I think that is what people see in Obi. It however depends on the choice of every individual. We just can’t say everyone must vote for Obi. If you know that you won’t vote for Obi and you see a reason not to, that is your choice. Personally, all I want is the best for Nigeria. Anyone who will stop insecurity, poverty and all sorts of indices that often make people avoid Nigeria, I am totally in support of the person. If it is Obi, let him come and if it is Atiku, so be it.”


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