Yesufu Reacts As Arewa Group Ask Obi To Desist From Digging Borehole Around The North

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In a recent development, an Arewa group has reportedly called on Peter Obi, the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party, to cease the digging of boreholes in the Northern regions of Nigeria. This request comes amidst discussions on social media platforms, where prominent figures like Aisha Yesufu have commented on the situation.

The Arewa group’s stance is that such initiatives should not be necessary given the region’s significant representation in the democratic process. The group’s appeal suggests a sense of embarrassment over the existence of communities within the North that still lack basic amenities like clean water, despite the region’s political influence.

Aisha Yesufu, a well-known activist, took to Twitter to express her views on the matter. She criticized the Arewa group for their position, urging them to confront the reality of poverty in the region rather than opposing well-intentioned efforts to alleviate it. Yesufu’s tweet implied that the group should be ashamed of the persistent underdevelopment and encouraged a break from the acceptance of poverty.

The conversation around this issue highlights the ongoing challenges faced by many communities in Nigeria regarding access to clean water and basic infrastructure. It also raises questions about the responsibilities of elected representatives and the effectiveness of governance in addressing the needs of the populace.

Peter Obi’s actions, which include the provision of boreholes, are seen by some as a commendable effort to directly address these challenges. However, the Arewa group’s request indicates a complex interplay between politics, development, and the expectations of community support.

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