You Can’t Kill All Of Us, The People Will Reject Tyranny – Mr Macaroni Replies APC Youth Leader

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A well known Nigerian comedian and actor, Debo Adebayo, popularly known as Mr Macaroni, has taken out his time to reply the APC youth leader, for allegedly telling Nigerians that they don’t have a choice in the forthcoming general elections.

While speaking, Mr Macaroni made it known the the APC youth leader had the effrontery to come and tell Nigerians that they do not have a choice in elections, describing the comment as a stupid comment.

In addition, Mr Macaroni asked to know whether APC plan is to force themselves on the people, stating it clearly that those in government can’t kill all Nigerians. Ending his tweet, he stated it clearly that Nigerians will surely reject any form of tyranny.

The 2023 general elections is just few months away and as it stands now, Nigerians, most especially youths are ready to change Nigeria positively in the forthcoming presidential election. Every Nigerian must work together, so as to make sure that we don’t repeat our past mistakes.

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