Yusuf Cries Out, Reveals What’s Happening In The North, As They Build N15.6trn Highway In The South

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During an interview with Arise TV, former National Health Insurance Scheme secretary Usman Yusuf expressed concern over the disparities in development and resource allocation between the north and south of Nigeria. He lamented that while the south is investing in massive infrastructure projects like a 15.6 trillion naira highway, the north is struggling with poverty and insecurity. 

Yusuf criticised the prioritisation of personal enrichment over public service, citing examples of corrupt practices and the need for accountability. He emphasised that holding public office is not an end in itself but rather a means to serve the people, and that true leadership requires dedication to the well-being of all citizens.

According to him, “Our people in the north are lining up like defeated people, while in the south, they’re building a 15.6 trillion highway. We in the north are not doing well. We are here in Abuja distributing money to themselves, Ningi Gate, you forgot. So the failure is ours; I’ve said it again and again: position means nothing; all these SUVs you’re going around in mean nothing because, all of you, we’ve had Chiefs of Army staff, Chiefs of Service, and Ministers; when they retire, nobody can go back home and spend the weekend without these big black guns.”

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