2 Million Coins Will Not Give You N2 Million Naira: Crypto Expert People Who Will Make More Money From Tapswap

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  • A man who is mining coins on Tapswap has vowed to use his own earnings from the app to buy his mother a car
  • He has not earned anything from Tapswap yet, but he said when he cashes out, he will purchase a car for his mum
  • The man has invested time to mine coins on Tapswap, but a crypto expert has told miners to lower their expectations in terms of money

A man is hoping to withdraw money from Tapswap and he has already determined what he will use his earnings to do.

Tapswap is expected to announce a launch date after which the man is hoping that he would be paid some dollars.

The man, Adigun Gaposa, was seen in a TikTok video busy mining coins on Tapswap.

The video is captioned:

“Mummy, I will buy motor for you.”

How much will Tapswap pay?

Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, a crypto expert said miners should put in the required work first. He said those who put in the work will earn more money.

Concerning what people should expect in terms of payment, Obani said miners should learn to lower their expectations, and millions of coins do not guarantee millions of naira.

He said:

“If you’re not putting in a good effort, reduce your expectations. Two Million Tapswap won’t give you N2 million naira. Tapswap will do well for people that put much effort into it especially for those with a large community. When I say community, I mean referrals. If you want much out of Tapswap, you have to do the do the work, build community and get lots of people engaged in Tapswap. Maybe just then, he can get his mum a car. But if he solely depends on him tapping only, I think he should lower his expectations.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as man says he would buy car with Tapswap earnings

@marykim285 said:

“Please I want to withdraw on my tap swap.”

@ma__nuel asked:

“If na you get tapswap you go still lunch am?”

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