Apply: UK Releases More Names Of Companies Ready To Sponsor Nigerians’ Work Visa

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  • The UK government has released more names of licensed companies that are eligible to sponsor the relocation of skilled workers
  • The companies have the liberty to fill vacant positions in their organisations with foreign workers, including Nigerians
  • There are over 60,000 companies licenced across various industries, including engineering and media

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The United Kingdom has updated its list of companies permitted to sponsor skilled immigrants through the temporary worker immigration route.

According to checks by Naturenex, the latest list, updated on Friday, May 24, 2024, now includes 113,919 approved companies.

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This indicates that 14,063 companies have now been added to the approved list when compared to the 99,856 approved at the start of 2024.

The list includes companies in the technology, commerce, education, media and advertisement, and engineering sectors, among others.

Skilled workers route

The skilled worker route includes charity workers, skilled workers, creative workers, global business mobility, senior or specialist workers, and international sportspersons.

UK government, in a note on its website, said:

“This document lists worker and temporary worker sponsors. It includes information about the category of workers they’re licensed to sponsor and their sponsorship rating.

“The skilled worker route includes charity workers, skilled workers, creative workers, global business mobility: senior or specialist workers, and international sportspersons. “

Interested persons are advised to visit the company’s website and search for available vacancies.

Here are some of the names of companies on the list

108 Media Ltd

1080 Properties Ltd

10act Ltd T/A TrackBack

10architect Ltd

10be5 Ltd.

10bit Fx Limited

10bit Fx Limited

10pearls Ltd

10x Banking Technology Services Ltd

11 2 11 Ltd

11 Berkeley Street Limited

11 Hospitality Limited T/A Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport NEC

11 Group Limited

111 By Nico Ltd

111 Skin Limited

114 Gps Ltd T/A Sushi Atelier

1177 Retail Limited

11and12 Limited

11eleven UK Enterprises Ltd

11k Consulting Ltd

11pcs Consultancy Limited

11plus Teacher Ltd

Get the full list of companies licenced to sponsor workers’ visas to the UK and location here.

Sectors permitted for skilled work visa

Meanwhile, Vanguard reports that the UK has a list of jobs that are permitted to apply for skilled worker visas.

Here are the occupations and code

1111 Chief executives and senior officials

1121 Production managers and directors in manufacturing

1122 Production managers and directors in constructioni

1123 Production managers and directors in mining and energy

1131 Financial managers and directors

1132 Marketing, sales and advertising directors

1133 Public relations and communications directors

1134 Purchasing managers and directors

1135 Charitable organisation managers and directors

1136 Human resource managers and directors

1137 Information technology directors

1139 Functional managers and directors not elsewhere classified

1140 Directors in logistics, warehousing and transport

1150 Managers and directors in retail and wholesale

1162 Senior police officers

More of the above list can be view here.

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