2023 Election: Drama As APC Leaders Refuse To Support Powerful Gubernatorial Candidate

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The governorship hopes Dr Uche Ogah, the former minister of mines and steel, has just suffered a huge setback.

The APC governorship candidate in Abia state has been denied endorsement from the party leaders in the state.

Ogah, who secured the party’s governorship ticket via a court ruling, will have the entire party to contend as Dr Kingsley Ononogbu, the chairman of the Abia state chapter of APC, described his ticket as a dummy ticket.

According to the party hierarchy, Ogah’s victory in court does not cement him as the party’s choice.

Ononogbun said:

“It is an irony that Uche Ogah, who transferred his case to Abuja citing security challenges in Abia as a pretext, has now returned to the same Abia to celebrate what he considers as court victory.

“The celebrant, Uche Ogah, has demonstrated that he has no love for Abia people and is insensitive to their sufferings in the hands of the ruling PDP. Uche Ogah’s activities are geared towards assisting those holding the state down to maintain their grip.

“That is the glaring reason every person of note in our party has isolated Ogah because they all know his game plan and they detest his antics and shenanigan coming at a time our party is formidably prepared to rescue and develop Abia State.”

As reported by the Vanguard newspaper, the party leadership reiterated that Ogah is embarking on an endless journey that might end well for his political career, as only the party’s decision is paramount ahead of the gubernatorial election.

APC HQ denies Ogah

Similarly, the APC national chapter of the APC says it does not recognise Ogah as the Abia state gubernatorial candidate.

Confirming this development, Sir Friday Nwosu, the national welfare secretary of the APC, said the matter’s current dispensation does not favour Ogah.

The secretary of the Abia state chapter, Chief Chidi Avajah, said it is disappointing that Ogah is trying to jeopardise the modules of the party for his ambition.

He said:

“With what happened at the celebration of his court victory on Wednesday, it has dawned on Ogah that our party has nothing to do with him and whatever he was celebrating.”

He maintained that the party has its own choice, and Ogah is in no way the person the party has settled for.

The party leadership said High Chief Ikechi Emenike remains the party’s governorship candidate for the forthcoming elections despite the ruling of the court favouring Ogah.

Avajah further urged party faithful in the state to ignore the charade of Ogah parading himself as the party’s gubernatorial candidate.

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