[VIDEO]: Frank Edoho Reacts After Rufai Oseni Said Politicians Have Weaponized Poverty

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Frank Edoho, a Television presenter who is widely known for anchoring the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Television Program, has reacted to Rufai Oseni’s postulation, that politicians have politicized poverty.

According to Rufai Oseni, an ARISE TV morning show co-anchor, he posited that we all know what poverty is and that it spans across everywhere but, there is no silver bullet to poverty, not unless there is a a good laid down policies by the politicians.

He further posited that politicians have weaponized poverty for their own political interests and that is why there is poverty in Nigeria. He also said that the only day we will stop poverty in Nigeria is the day the politicians will stop weaponizing poverty as poverty is spread across over 130 million people with just over 260 million people.

Reacting to what Rufai Oseni said, Frank Edoho said that Rufai Oseni is speaking the truth with profound art articulation.


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