2023 Presidency: Any Candidate The G5 Governors Align With Will Win The Election – Kayode Otitoju

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As the race for the presidency intensifies across the nation’s political space, renowned public affairs, and political analyst, Kayode Otitoju has come out to emphasize the importance of the southern faction in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Rivers governor and party strongman, Nyesom Wike in the upcoming polls.

Speaking during an interview on ARISE TV a few hours ago, Otitoju insisted that the G5 governors cannot be dismissed with a wave of the hand due to their electoral value. According to the renowned political analyst, any candidate who gets the endorsement of Wike and his allies will most likely emerge victorious on the ballots in the 2023 presidential election.

He said; “Without Wike’s group aligning with the PDP, the PDP cannot win. In fact, let me say this categorically, this is from me as a politician, whoever Wike’s group aligns with among the three political parties, I mean the three big ones, APC, PDP, and Labour, whoever Wike group aligns with, will win the election. They have electoral value. Do you want to push aside Makinde in Oyo? Or Ortom in Benue? Or even Wike that commandeered nearly all the voters. These voters are not the politicians that carry party tickets o. They are the people that are networked by canvassers and these canvassers have been employed, over two hundred thousand of them, have been employed by Wike. He owns Rivers voters because money and network matter.”


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