3 Dangers of Unemployment in Nigeria

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The high rate of unemployment in Nigeria is so alarming and enormous.

Unemployment has adverse effects in three different ways which includes; Social, Economic and Political.

1. The Social Dangers Associated with Unemployment:

Social dangers of unemployment which firstly of all affect starts with individuals and households, will still escalate to large society.

When individual is unemployed, he’ll definitely become money cashless to meet financial responsibilities and the basic needs of life

The consequences of not not having money will lead to many bad implications such as high susceptibility to malnutrition, illness and mental stress; subsequent loss of self-esteem leading to depression; self destructive e.g. excessive alcoholism, drug abuse, etc; dysfunctional social and emotional relationships. Not only that, it’ll also has effect in some area like limited educational opportunity for the children; limited access to good housing; tension and conflict e.g. domestic violence.

At the society level, unemployment brings about widespread criminality, societal ills and social vices such as hooliganism, armed robbery and prostitution. In most cases, young graduates who are caught in criminal acts such as armed robbery, kidnapping and prostitution attribute their involvement in those crimes to the unemployment situation in Nigeria.

2. Economic Dangers:

Due to unemployment issues, it will bring set back

Furthermore, during a long period of unemployment, workers can also lose their skills, causing a loss of human capital. It could also lead to low level of income and high rate of income inequality which further worsens the high rate of poverty and unemployment with is attendance consequences.

3. Political Implications:

Every political angles will ensue with more corrupt mind as they will only be preoccuping massive resource for himself without considering others or the people that elected in. That’s bad governance.

High unemployment has been blamed for civil unrest in Nigeria. A classic example is the Niger Delta crisis as well as the Boko Haram crisis in the Northern part of the country.

Indeed, the high rate of kidnapping, civil unrest and political thuggery can be traced to the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

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