Who is more powerful between China and Russia

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Many Powerful nations of the world are upgrading their different standards in every angles to avoid being over powered by the other non powerful nations.

To be among the powerful nations of the world, a country must at least cover these five criteria, which includes: Economic, Military, Technology, Education and Soft power.

The United States of America strongly has all the aforementioned criteria, which made them the most powerful country in the world today.

subsequently, China in the recent years has started improving very fast in many areas, targeting to overpower United States by 2030, as estimated.

While Russia, which has always be the second to United State when it comes to powerful nations of the world after the past Soviet era, has been tactically overpowered by China. It is only the vestiges (it’s military) of the past that is still keeping Russia little ahead of China.

However, Russia has more equipment and advanced military know-how than China today. But, currently China is heavily investing a very huge amount of over $230 billions in their military, yearly, which Russia can not afford.

Russia only invest $60 billion in their millitary per annual.

Aside millitary, Russia doesn’t near China to compete with.

As I said earlier, a powerful nation is determined by its economic standards and China is economically giant to compare with Russia which stand outside top 10, while China stand as the second economic powerful in the world.

Other creterias that makes up the powerful nation, China is totally ahead of Russia, like education, soft power and most especially in technology which China has impressively doing great than Russia. China can now create a very powerful innovation like 5G with Huawei.

China doesn’t dominate United in any of the creterias, but it highly dominate Russia in all but only the military power.

Finally, China has indeed over powered Russia and has projected to overpower the United States of America in the next 10 to 20 years, but it will not be possible without an extremely powerful army.

Though, China is already investing massively in the military to stand a chance of taking over power from United.

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