What my Hausa Grandmother told me about the Igbos that made me shed tears (photos)

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Ignorance has eroded Nigerians of Hausa, Igbos and Yorubas amongst others tribes in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, we always point fingers, fight and kill each other for a little misunderstanding.

Below is a story of a young Yoruba boy and his Hausa grandmother about the Igbos.

Story reads;

I am a native of Osun state in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. According to the Yoruba tradition, I was trained to love my fellow villagers and people around me.

After many years of of hunger in the village, my father decided to venture to the Southeastern part of the country where we sold drinks in bars. Due to the crises which took place in the country, my father told me to stay on my own without interfering with other people’s businesses and most especially the Igbos.

I decided to visit my grandmother who lived in the village and I learnt alot from my old grandmother. She narrated her experience to me after I complained on the way the Igbos treated us in the east. She told me that an Igbo customer came to buy her corns which she sold in a local market. As the young man enjoyed his maize, he asked my grandmother why she was stressing herself to sell everyday while she had grown up children. She answered that her son, ‘my father’ usually helped her. The help was not enough for her and she started selling roasted maize.

“The Igbo man out of sympathy and pity, gave her a sum of fifty thousand naira to start up a huge business in the market. She concluded that the Igbo man taught her a lesson that not all Igbos are bad and wicked.

I was already shedding tears after she narrated her ordeal with me, saying that Igbos are some of the best people in Nigeria. I have decided to even marry a young girl from the Igbo tribe and also engage in more discussions with Igbos around me.”

After reading through the above story, you’ve to ask yourself a little question within yourself to know what is really causing hatred amongst Nigerians. Again ask, whether Igbos really kind? Why do the hausas despise them? Are the hausas wrong?

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