8 secret fears men tell nobody

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It is known that women are more emotional and have a bunch of fears about a variety of things. At the same time, men aren’t afraid of anything; they are so strong! But aren’t men people? And all people have emotions, feelings, experiences, and fears. Here is the simplest formula for you. Men also cry and are afraid of something. Only in the world of men, it isn’t acceptable to talk about these things. Let’s find out about men’s fears!

Their body

Not for all men, a beer belly is a reason to be proud of. They are as dissatisfied with their bodies as women, and therefore they spend their time in gyms. There are a lot of jokes that men don’t care how they look. In the modern world, men are concerned about their appearance and, like women, have certain requirements for themselves.


This is one the hardest elements in the life of our men. Most of them are brought up to understand the importance of money. After all, there is no money, no girl, no family, and nothing at all. Even if a guy doesn’t have a significant other, he will still think about money. Do you know what is important? To have healthy ideas about money and stop being afraid of these issues. Otherwise, you` ll get gray hair.


Women are skeptical about short men and quite often refuse to have relationships with them, although the latter willingly get acquainted with girls who are taller than them. How can you not worry after that? The fact is that men shorter than 170 cm have to prove their masculinity, strength, vitality.


Men and women alike tend to be jealous of their partner, but they do it for different reasons. Male jealousy is dominated by anger, while female jealousy is dominated by fear. If your partner doesn’t show jealousy, this doesn’t mean that he is not jealous of you. Most often, jealousy is hidden. In any case, it should be immediately discussed and explained that there is no cause for concern.


Do you know what else men are afraid of? Seems to be inexperienced. Or, for example, with a manly strong-looking appearance, he had only one girlfriend. This is not enough experience at all … maybe they will think that something is wrong with me? In any case, everything is so with you. It is better to work not on gaining experience, but on your mental state.


Lots of hair, little hair. Perhaps there is a lot of hair where you wouldn’t want it to be and a little where you would like it to be. Why worry? I don’t recommend saying, “Wow, you’ve got a lot of hair on your back.” Firstly it’s not decent, and secondly, it can make a situation worse.

Girl’s past

It seems natural for you to believe that your partner can only desire you. Part of the romantic ideal is that we are special and unique to our partners. At times we are convinced that partners shouldn’t find anyone else attractive while we are with them. However, the past is a thing of the past, and there is usually no real cause for concern.

Expression of emotions

A valiant knight, showing no feelings and no tears, with a large white castle to boot. “Men do not cry.” “Don’t be like a girl.” The words “should,” “you are a man,” “be a man” are often used as a way of manipulation. The natural manifestation of emotions, feelings of fear, sadness, and even love are called “feminine.” At the same time, such feelings are quite natural, and suppressing them means harming your psyche.

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