See what your eyes can tell about you

Your eyes position explain things about who you’re via your current situation. People has different eyes position which tells their different lifes situation. 

However, reading from the facial features of a person through its eyes can reveal someone’s character via the position of the eyeball.

Now, let roll down below with the following illustration according to physiognomy study, whose belief that “the eyes could determine the general condition of a person and the degree of consumption of his vital energy.”

To understand my very point, you have to focus on how the white part of people’s eyes position. 

According to study;

1. It says when sclera is beneath the iris.

“it shows as a result of work overload, a feeling of “pressure,” nervous tension, which causes a constant feeling of anxiety and panic attacks.”

The people of that kind can carry everything on their heart, which some times may lead to heart attack or discomfort of mental state. 

2. Next is when the sclera is above the iris.

It shows that the person is uncontrollably danger, feeling of anxiety. You can see this when on someone whose mental state is unbalanced.

Like those taking hard drugs or smoking. They do every undo.

3. Lastly is when sclera (white eyes) is surrounding iris I.e when it’s above and under the iris…

It portrays the sign of someone who’s genius or facing mental disorder (madman). 

It shows the level of mental stress the person is passing through. According to “physiognomists scientist who studied the photographs of the terrorists. Found out that most of them had a sclera visible from three sides. This indicated a willingness to die and an enormous level of stress.


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