WHO IS A LEADER?- Godstime Charles

Leadership isn’t a ball game. It is not a book you start reading today and finish tomorrow or probably leave it along the line. In our daily lives, we are leaders.  From primary school to Tertiary institution, we we’ve been in leadership positions. Maybe as class representatives, prefect, head boy, president of a school organization or a community and it is definitely how we behave in this position that determines how we will behave when given a large crowd or put in a larger position. 

Everyone wants to be a leader but not everyone is ready to be a leader. Not everyone is willing to put the work and be committed to being a leader.  From the head of a family to the CEO of a company, you are all leaders. 

Leadership is defined as the capacity to lead others. While a leader is someone who leads or directs or has an authority to direct. 

Below are some of the unique traits of a leader

  1. A leader must be visionary. He or she must have a vision, that is what will be held accountable to him. The vision is the drive to achieve all the goals set aside. The vision answers questions as to why he’s doing what he’s doing.  Make sure your vision is clear for others so it can be well defined. And also define your ability.  If a leader doesn’t have a vision, he ends up producing aimless workers. 
  2. A leader must be a thinker. Not just an ordinary thinker but a strategic one. These help you to know what you are doing and helps you to be analytical. It also will help to solve problems. These help you to beat competition and strategies. 
  3. A leader is a reader. This is where many people have issues. If you can’t read, you can’t lead. You must be able to sit behind the desk and be able to read and study. These give you an edge above others. A leader without a library is a liability – Godstime Charles.
  4. A leader is proactive. They don’t sit in one place. They get up and solve problems. All they ever see are solutions. They take actions. They always have a continuous mind shift which is constant.

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