Reason why Bananas are curved

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Every creations in life have reason for its appearance.

It’s a bugged question why only the Banana fruits are being curved unlike other fruits.

Though, some people said bananas are curved “because they want to see the other side of the world!”, according one farmer. lol…


On a serious note, why banana suddenly start changing into curve after their first initial straight look when growing before bunch emerges from the top of the plant and the bracts roll back?

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In a quest to understand better, CEO Tony Heidrich, the Australian Banana Growers Council said that the reason why banana is been curved is simply because bananas have negative geo-tropic capabilities, which means they grow against gravity. They grow towards the sun instead of the ground.

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However, in a very clear explanation, according to Banana Growers Council says:

“Bananas start life very, very straight but as the bunch emerges from the top of the plant and the bracts roll back (bracts are the leathery purple things that separate the hands of bananas) and fall off, the bananas begin to spread out and turn upward.

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They do this because bananas are negatively geo-tropic. This means that they grow away from the pull of gravity, as opposed to turning upward toward the sun.

Because the Cavendish bunch is quite large and hangs almost straight down, the bananas generally have an even bend in them all the way round the bunch.”

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