It’s funny whenever Nigerians say they want to join Illuminati to become millionaire

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Many Nigerians, especially the youths who thought that to become very powerful and multimillionaire the person must join and become a member of Illuminati, which is regarded as the World most powerful secret cult.

As a young Nigeria then in my secondary school I heard about so many fearful stories about Illuminati and how they have made foreign music artist so popular and powerful like Jay-Z, Rhianna, et al and even some Nigeria artists as well like Wizkid, Psquare etc. All these made me thought that people can not attain to any higher level in life without joining secret society.

It affected my thinking back then, I thank God for the help of internet google provider with numerous informations.

During my University level, when I’ve got my full independence away from my school teacher and parental disturbance. I started making good use of my phone to do research online about anything that bothers my life, especially some complicated stories like Illuminati.

I started discovering that some of the stories I have heard during primary and secondary were cock and bull stories.

When I made a research concerning the Illuminati, I discovered that Illuminati was just nothing but a conspiracy theory that was just made up to scare the world (We Africans).

According to Brown who clearly exposed the real truth about the Illuminati. He wrote that Illuminati was a shadowy conspiracy theory in the accent time that was founded in 1776 and disbanded in 1785 which has nothing but to scare the world.

The Guardian also on their part defined illuminate as a “very powerful and savagely guarded organisation that secretly controls the entire modern world, probably while wearing cloaks. It has done this mainly through infiltrating the media and brainwashing everybody.”

I also further research about those top music artists that people said belongs to illuminate like Beyoncé who blasted people in her music lyrics over the rumour that she is a member of Illuminati, In her lyrics, she said; “Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess”.

After so my research, I realize that so many Nigerians were deceived and bluntly blind in mind. I also realized that We Nigerians and other African countries can easily be deceived with any fictional story that came from the western world due to our limited knowledge and lazy to make research to learn things. With the numbers of research, I have made, it has made it difficult for me to believe easily with stories that terrify humanity. Don’t call me doubting Thomas lol…

What, I have to finally said is that we should know that, there’s nothing like Illuminati as most us thought.


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