9 Great Ways To Generate Traffic For Your Affiliate Offers

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In affiliate marketing, the advertiser has already built the product or service, as well as the affiliate program, as well as the tools and creatives needed to promote it. Publishers’ primary goal is to drive traffic to these affiliate deals, which results in increased traffic to the advertiser’s website via affiliate links.

This, in theory, should result in more conversions and more earnings. As a result, being able to create traffic must be at the top of the priority list for publishers.

Nine great ways to generate traffic for your affiliate offers

However, by employing the proper traffic-driving strategies, such a situation can be easily avoided. When implemented effectively, these strategies can attract high-quality visitors to your site, making all of your hard work worthwhile.

We’ll talk about the value of high-quality site visitors in this piece. Then we’ll show you four traffic-driving tactics that you can start using right now. Let’s get this party started!

Methods of Generating Traffic

We’ve looked into some of the most efficient ways for publishers to drive traffic to their affiliate offerings, and we’ve listed our top nine below.

  • Paid online advertising

Lead generation relies heavily on advertising. It’s a proven and true approach to attract traffic to your affiliate links, whether you use paid search, social media campaigns, remarketing, or display advertising.

One of the benefits of using sponsored lead generation strategies is that customers who click on your links are typically further along in the buying cycle and thus ready to buy. You must, however, strike a balance between the expense of your adverts and the commission you earn per sale. It is not worthwhile to pursue this method of lead generation if each ad conversion costs $50 and the commission per sale is $40.

  • YouTube

With over three billion views each day, YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the internet. As a result, starting your own channel to promote your services is advantageous. Include an engaging call-to-action that links to your affiliate product, followed by an interesting video that relates to your offer. Include a short summary of your film in the description box, along with a call-to-action URL or discount code. To make the most of your video, add an Overlay, which is a little box that stays on the screen throughout the movie and contains your CTA. You can begin by visiting ads.YouTube.com.

Don’t limit yourself to YouTube; there are other video platforms, such as Vimeo, that can be used effectively. However, one of the disadvantages of video promotion is that creating good material that will attract a dedicated audience takes time and work. On the plus side, great videos have the potential to go viral and reach hundreds of thousands of people very rapidly.

  • Social media

If your target audience is on social media, you and your affiliate offers should be there as well. You can utilize social media for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Participating in communities where your product is needed. It’s more vital to establish relationships than to market by answering inquiries and participating with the community. Your readers will click on your name to learn more about you if you are helpful. Ensure that your profile contains connections to your website and affiliate offerings. Are you looking for a place to begin? Join their Facebook club exclusively for bloggers, Awin for Bloggers.
  2. Posting links to your offer in your blog content, either on your own page or as promoted posts.
  3. Using social media marketing to run an advertising campaign.

Long articles with links to your offerings can also be shared on social media. Platforms like LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, SlideShare, and Udemy are good locations to publish. These sites have a large readership, and if your information is relevant and searchable, you might reach tens of thousands of new visitors.

  • Guest blogging

Guest blogging, in addition to creating your own site, is a tried and reliable approach for generating traffic that has stood the test of time. Guest blogging can be divided into two categories:

  1. Write guest blogs for well-known websites in your niche. Provide excellent and relevant content, and if it is approved onto other sites, you will gain access to a whole new audience. Make sure that your byline and profile contain links to your affiliate offers and website. Your affiliate marketing content should be relevant to the guest blog and beneficial to the new audience.
Nine great ways to generate traffic for your affiliate offers
  1. Allow guest bloggers to write for you on your own website. When you publish content from other writers, they will share and link to it, exposing your website (and affiliate offerings) to new audiences.
  • Product evaluations

The online audience is swayed by other people’s opinions of a product, and they frequently look for testimonials and reviews before making a purchase. Potential customers are said to examine online reviews before visiting a website and making a purchase choice, with 88 percent trusting them as much as they would if a friend recommended a product.

These figures are fantastic news for publishers who have built up a dedicated audience. Your audience will regard honest and unbiased reviews of products pertaining to your field as a trustworthy suggestions if you write them. Write a review when you have a product or service to promote that is related to your affiliate marketing activities. If you’ve decided to market a product, it’s critical that you believe in it and recommend it because you truly want to benefit your target audience. You’ll be able to write a candid and honest review while still adding your affiliate link in this way. The review should be favorable but honest, and it should not be used as a sales pitch.

  • Email

Email marketing is still alive and strong, with 64 percent of businesses feeling it is their best marketing tool, with a 3800 percent return on investment. As a result, make sure you don’t dismiss it in favor of newer, more intriguing approaches.

You must first establish a list, which you can accomplish by producing a free offer – such as releasing a report, e-book, or webinar – and collecting email addresses via a form (making sure, if you are marketing in the EU, to comply with GDPR). When emailing your list, make sure to provide interesting and relevant information. Otherwise, they will unsubscribe immediately.

In emails, affiliate links can be used effectively as part of the body text or in the signature. Directly promoting affiliate products in emails is also allowed, as long as you balance it out with meaningful and useful material. If at all feasible, segregate your emails so that the right affiliate links are sent to the relevant people.

  • Blog Posting

Affiliate links can be easily shared through blog postings. If you have a large readership, your evaluations and advice will already be well-received. Just keep in mind that your blog entries should not be used as sales letters; the material should bring value to the reader, and your affiliate links should be integrated into the topic naturally. This is used effectively in recipe blogs. Recipe blogs highlight the tools needed for the job while discussing the procedure to follow to make the food, using affiliate links to the item’s sales page.

Another way to promote affiliate links in your blog posts is to respond to reader comments and include your affiliate links in the answers. If the product you’re marketing is related to the answer, it appears to be a solution to the reader’s problem rather than a sales pitch. If you do this on other people’s blogs, be careful not to come off as spam.

Attempt to make the content evergreen if at all possible. Evergreen content is how-to guides, best practices, and tips and techniques that will remain useful for many years to come. These types of articles are frequently read and referred to. Even if you have to refresh them now and again, the information is still useful. This means you may share this content with a new audience on a regular basis, exposing your affiliate links each time.

  • Search engine optimized website

Your affiliate links must be presented on your website, which must be found by consumers interested in your subject. It’s critical to make it easy for search engines to find your material, as this will help your site rank higher in searches and deliver more organic traffic to your affiliate offerings.

A well-written meta description, meta title, picture alt tags, and H1/H2 tags should all be present on each page. Look up keywords related to your niche and affiliate offers, and add one page that is pertinent to your offers. It can also help with searches if it appears naturally in the title and text, without keyword stuffing. Also, get your content shared on social media or on other sites, and incorporate internal and external links within your own content to gain backlinks.

If your selected topic is too narrow, you might not obtain the traffic you need to convert your readers into affiliate link hits. Using the Google search box, find out how many other people are selling comparable things. Google will tell you how many results they found right away, which can assist you to choose keywords for search engine optimization.

  • Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer website that allows users to ask whatever they want. Experts then provide direction and advice on the subject. Although direct affiliate links are prohibited, you are permitted to link to a website or a blog post that gives additional information on the answer you are providing. Make sure the website to which you’re sending folks has material that includes your affiliate link.

When using Quora, you must be sincerely interested in providing a valid response and assisting the person who has asked the question. Good advise will be read and shared, but answers that are simply sales pitches will be ignored.


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