Anyone Who Claims He Developed Lagos Is A Fraudster – Funso Doherty

A former managing director and chief executive officer (CEO) of Pensions Alliance Limited, Funso Doherty, says that anybody who says he built the city of Lagos is really a fraudster because he knows the real history of Lagos State and is also a real-life born Lagosian.

He further stated that he thinks that Lagos State is blessed, but not much has been done with its resources. Lagos State has been a commercial center for centuries; ignore people who say they built it in the past 25 years because we know the history of Lagos State.

According to him, Lagos State is an infrastructure-based state, and many of its infrastructures were also inherited from its time as the country’s former capital. So that is just it; anyone that comes out and says that he built Lagos State is a fraudster. I did not say Bola Tinubu did not do anything for Lagos State; moreover, he was supposed to do something as a governor, he said.


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