Bolanle’s Sister Reveals What She Did To The Policeman Who Shot Her Sister

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It was reported several hours ago that a Nigerian barrister, Bolanle Raheem was killed by a yet-to-be-identified policeman in Lagos State. Her sister was interviewed by TVC News few hours ago and she narrates her side of the story. During this moment, she revealed what she did to the policeman who shot her sister.

According to her, immediately after the family found out Bolanle was shot in the car, she stepped out and rushed towards the officer so he would not run away. She said that when she approached the officer and told him that he has killed her sister, he clocked his gun at her and threatened to also shoot her. However, he tried to run away in the police van but she grabbed him.

Unfortunately, he slipped away, but she followed him on bike go get a proper look at him and their vehicle details as well. She further mentioned that the Hausa bike riders who assisted her told her to make sure the man does not get away.

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