Awuzie Dismissed Believe That Ritual Money Affects Business, Gives Reasons

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Charles Awuzie, a Nigerian fullstack web developer, cybersecurity expert, and Tech StartUp CEO based in South Africa, has responded to a controversial question about money rituals with a thought-provoking perspective.

A follower questioned him, asking if he believed in the notion that if a ritualist gives money, and it’s used in a business, the business will eventually collapse. Awuzie’s response challenged this belief and offered a perspective rooted in practicality and critical thinking.

Awuzie suggested an alternative experiment. He proposed that if anyone claiming to be a ritualist wants to test the theory, they should invest their money in reputable entities such as Tesla, Google, Dangote, Bitcoin, or Gemsbok Group, and observe if these businesses collapse.

He dismissed the idea that money rituals have any influence on the success or failure of a business, asserting that such beliefs are often cover-ups for the darker and often illicit sources of the money. Awuzie encouraged individuals to outgrow the influence of Nollywood, emphasizing that Nollywood’s portrayal of rituals is pure fiction and exaggerated.

Drawing on his expertise in the digital and physical underworlds, Awuzie urged people to seek truth from those with practical experience rather than relying on sensationalized movie scripts. He emphasized that individuals should explore both sides of the money ritual story. He acknowledged that there is more to it than what is portrayed in movies.

Awuzie also highlighted a key point, stating, “MONEY IS MONEY. AS LONG AS IT WAS PRINTED BY THE CENTRAL BANK OR TRANSFERRED LEGITIMATELY FROM A BANK, IT’S JUST MERE MONEY.” He stated that the morality of money depends on how it is used, rather than its origin.

His statement reads;

“From My Inbox….

“Good evening sir Charles, do you believe in the saying that if a ritualist give money to you and you put that money in your Business or use to start a business that one day the business will crash”

Please if you know any ‘ritualist’ who wants to test this theory, ask them to ‘put’ their money in Tesla, Google, Dangote, Bitcoin or Gemsbok Group and see if those businesses will collapse.

“Money Ritual Theory is a cover up for the real source of the money which is usually darker crimes.

“To think right, you need to forget what you learnt from NOLLYWOOD.

“Nollywood rituals are 100% Fiction and extremely exaggerated.

“Outgrow Nollywood mentality and seek truth from people with practical experience in the darkweb and other digital or physical underworlds.

“Understand that the person who wrote the NOLLYWOOD movie script is probably limited in knowledge and you could find more information than them. See those as just scripts by people with one side of the story – there’s another side to this money ritual story and your assignment is to dig deeper to find the other side. I’ve shared some truths on this and you can find them on my timeline.

“Back to your question – MONEY IS MONEY. AS LONG AS IT WAS PRINTED BY THE CENTRAL BANK OR TRANSFERRED LEGITIMATELY FROM A BANK, ITS JUST MERE MONEY. What you do with money is what makes it evi1 or righteous. If bad money enters the hands of a good man, it becomes good money. If good money enters the hands of a bad person, it becomes bad money. You get it?”

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