[VIDEO] Pastors Disagreed With God, Demand Hearing When Jesus Comes

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A pastor has openly disagreed with a biblical command attributed to God and has asserted that he demands an explanation when Jesus returns.

The pastor, whose identity is yet to be disclosed, firmly stated his position during a sermon, revealing his refusal to accept directives that involve the loss of human lives.

In a statement to his congregation, the pastor stated that he fundamentally disagreed with the command and demanded a hearing with Jesus when he returns.

The pastor argued that human life is not worth the cost, even if it is commanded by God.

He stated that he had lodged his case with God and demanded an explanation for why humans were collateral when God had other options.

The pastor also called on God to show up for humanity and take care of them, arguing that humans did not apply to be born and should not be killed without protest.

While some members of the congregation were reportedly shocked by the pastor’s statements, others praised him for his bravery in speaking out against what he saw as an injustice.

His Statement reads;

“I’m not one of those who read the Bible with colourful eyes, there are words in the Bible. Some commanded by God, Some supported by God. I can fundamentally tell you here and now I disagreed with that. He should have use the other methods, the cost of human life is not worthy, even if a god commands it.

“We’re not a toy, we’re living. We do not deserve to die. Whether a god does or a superpower does it. Our death is real and we should not go down without a protest.

“It’s okay for your faith I get it, you’re now silent, you’re afraid (He told his congregations). I’ve lodged my cased with God, I’ve told him, I disagree, you’re a God, we’re human. You’ve the options to solve the problems without killing us.

“We can not die when you have power to do otherwise and I’ve lodged my case and I demand a hearing when Jesus comes.

“I want to know why were we collateral when God had options. I refused to be born to be killed. It doesn’t matter who thinks that they’re making the decision.

“If you bring me in this world, I didn’t not apply to be here. Stand up and take care of me. Show up for me, I didn’t put you in a corner and say I must be born. I’m here by your will, show up on my behalf.

“Like I said, I understand where you are, so don’t worry. Your now thinking your name will be removed in the book of life, if you agree (he again told his congregation), it’s okay if I go to hell for such a questions but I do believe that humanity must not be ignorant when others are suffering.”

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